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So it's that day. You know the one that comes once a year that I never take part in. Yeah. Whatever. I'm honestly not feeling that bothered with it. Plus I have pizza and cookies. What more do I need?

I felt like doing a picspam of doomed ships on my favorite shows so look if you want. There are spoilers obviously...they are star crossed for a reason.

lol the banner is so ugly. Oh well. Here we gooo
#5 Sid and Cassie
"It's your choice, Sid. Everything is your choice. Wake up Sid."

This show was unlike anything I had ever watched before and so were these two. I want to believe that Sid found Cassie at the end of season 2 and they lived happily ever after but I liked that they left it hanging. Something was always in the way of Sid and Cassie. Whether it was Sid's "love" for Michelle, Cassie's unpredictable nature, or bad timing in general. They were doomed from the start because of how different they were but that's also what makes them one of my favorites.

#4 Fred and Wesley
"Wesley, why can't I stay?"
Would you believe me if I said I almost teared up making this one? Putting this together I realized just how little time Fred and Wesley had together. They didn't even have ONE episode as a happy couple. Anyways these two were perfect from the start but time was never on their side.

#3 Chuck and Sarah
"I'm saying I want to be a real person again, with you."
These two just downright piss me off. If it's not Sarah putting up a wall to protect herself it's Chuck screwing everything up. Chuck and Sarah aren't doomed just yet but I don't see how this could ever work. They went from Sarah being Chuck's handler, to friends, to partners, to lovers, and now I don't know what to classify them as. Maybe they will be the ones to overcome the star crossed-ness...we shall see.

#2 Veronica and Logan
"I thought our story was epic, you know? You and me."
They really should be number one. Veronica even admits they are star crossed in season 3, jokingly but still. To this day I'm kind of pissed off at how these two ended up. After everything they went through! I miss them :(

#1 Spike and Buffy
"I love what you are. What you do. How you try. I've seen your kindness, and your strength. I've seen the best and the worst of you, and I understand, with perfect clarity, exactly what you are."
I'm not going to get into a huge rant about why Spike and Buffy triumph over Angel and Buffy. Everyone has their own opinion on who Buffy truly loved. I believe she loved both of them but in different ways. Spike and Buffy are the most star crossed though. It was wrong from the start, it was wrong in between, and just when it was a little less wrong Spike had to go and be a hero. So basically, it was so wrong that it was right~
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