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Aw I got a really good response on my last picspam for season 1 Sarah so here's my season 2. This was a lot harder to narrow down by the way and even harder to put in order of preference.
"Go Cougars."

I kind of cheated because this is actually three scenes combined but they all go together and are within the same setting so that's okay, right? So this episode is basically my dream because I can somewhat identify with Sarah's high school days as Jenny Burton. Her coming back to the reunion and wearing a giant "suck it" on her face for everyone to see was just awesome. And then defeating Nicole Richie (her name escapes me atm) in the locker room, again awesome.  And after all is said and done she comes out looking like a glamorously wet and battered dog but still wins reunion queen. TOO MUCH AWESOME. The Captain would be proud.
"Dad, can you make it a double scoop?"

This is another one of those break my heart scenes. It's subtle but Yvonne still nails the fact that Sarah is regretting turning her father in. We all know how sly he is though so that doesn't happen. I like that she has a remotely good relationship with her father after everything they have been through together and are still going through. They'll never have a normal relationship because of who they are and Sarah will never be able to fully trust him but that doesn't take away from the fact that she still loves and cares for him as her father.
"Where's Chuck?"

Look at how devastated she is. It's a silent devastation too, she doesn't let out a dramatic scream or anything. It's all in her eyes. And then the panicky relief you see when she hears Chuck behind her. Poor girl. And once again she's all battered and bruised but still manages to be gorgeous even with blood seeping out of her nostrils. God I love this scene. I had such a hard time deciding between these top 3 by the way.
"Because it's all a lie."

This scene is basically why I'm devoting two picspams to the character of Sarah Walker. This shows exactly who she is, a damn good agent and an even better human being. Even though she may not like to admit it, she leads with her heart especially when it comes to Chuck. I had a feeling she would have done this even if Chuck hadn't flashed his big brown eyes and the whole "I can trust you" speech. Because it all goes back to the beach scene in the pilot episode where she promised that Chuck could trust her. And he can. Basically, trust triumphs orders in Sarah's world and that is one of the many reasons she is amazing.
"No Chuck, I'm cooking for you."

I may not get a lot of agreement with my number 1 scene. All she's doing is making breakfast  and sporting a very stepford wife looking nightie, right? Technically yes but this scene is a lot more in my mind. First off, this episode is my favorite out of both seasons. It has my favorite Sarah scene as well as my favorite Chuck/Sarah scene ("close your eyes"). Secondly, if you couldn't tell already I'm not big on the spy/action/mission scenes for Sarah. I love normal ones with real emotion and a genuine feel to them. Yes she's undercover but she is completely in her element. She's not putting on a front. There are no neighbors watching them. No Casey around. She's simply making breakfast for Chuck and remaining adorable while doing so.

After completing these picspams and trying to find the corresponding quotes for each scene I have realized Sarah Walker is not a woman of many words but what does come out of her mouth always holds value. She doesn't need a bunch of fancy quips or witty remarks. That's not who she is. She's simple, dedicated, and has a welcoming but at the same time fearful heart. She is way more than just a secret agent and I look forward to her character developing in the seasons to come. Thank you so much for reading and same rules from the last spam apply, link me if you use on tumblr and please do not make icons of these ♥
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