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 who knows when I'll get back to that meme. It seemed like a good idea at first. Oh well. I have something even better for you guys :D

I knew I wanted to complete the top 5 challenge for [ profile] picspammy  and originally I was going to do my top five chuck/sarah scenes but I'm a little perturbed with that otp right now. I noticed someone already did them as well. So here's someone I could never be annoyed with and she has slowly crept into the likes of my favorite female characters EVER. Here we go... 

"What about that movie!"

I miss the Wienerlicious uniform so so much. I know the yogurt shop cover is more practical but this was so adorable on her. Which is funny because anyone else that is not the goddess Yvonne is could never pull this off. It's horrendous but she makes it work. Anyways, this scene makes my top 5 because of Sarah's reactions. Any other girl would have been awkwardly put off by Lester's sleaziness but this girl is a pro. She knows how to handle any type of guy. This is also a favorite because she flawlessly goes from playful screwing with Lester mode to protective of Chuck mode with Lou. Like I said, she's a pro.
"No one can know about this."

This broke my heart. She knew all along why Bryce had Chuck kicked out of Stanford but she had to keep her mouth shut and endure the "Bryce sucks. Bryce ruined everything. Bryce is an asshole and anyone who ever got with him is a loser." Spoiler for season 3 and a little off topic but does anyone wish Bryce would come back from the dead and kick Shaw's ass? No? Just me? Okay, anyways...she's so vulnerable in this scene and it's beautiful.

How can you not love Sarah after this scene? SHE DRESSED UP IN THAT RIDICULOUS PRINCESS LEIA SLAVE COSTUME TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH CHUCK SO HE COULD HAVE SOMETHING "REAL." She is amazing. And look at the girl's body. I mean seriously now.
"Chuck, I'll save you later."

Oh god you know how I said #4 breaks my heart. Well this scene takes my broken barely beating heart and shatters it. You'd think Sarah Walker would be a one dimensional character and she couldn't cry like this but she can and oh she can do it well. The lighting in this scene is just perfect too.
"It's Lisa. My middle name is Lisa."
And here we are with numero uno. My favorite Sarah Walker scene from season 1 of Chuck. It honestly wasn't hard choosing because I can watch this scene over and over even though it ends on a rather sad note. The thing that makes this my favorite is how Sarah shows that she wants to tell Chuck something true about herself. It is written all over her face regardless of the last line. I miss how Chuck and Sarah used to hang out casually like this too. God I just miss the way things were during season 1 in general.

So there you go. I might make a season 2 one, I haven't decided yet. If you want to put these on tumblr or whatever that's fine. It'd be nice if you could link back to my journal so whoever is interested could see the whole picspam. Please don't make icons out of these though because they aren't bases. I spent time coloring these. Thank you ♥
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