Dec. 25th, 2009

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I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Mine was bittersweet. I'm on questionable terms with my mother and I'm still not feeling well. Being with the rest of my family is always a good thing though. I also received some really nice gifts including the Charmed boxset I wanted (I'm still drooling), two Angel After the Fall comic books, giftcards, these really nice leather gloves, and some cash I can finally open up a checking account with. I hope my family didn't think I was ungrateful when I opened my presents because I am extremely grateful. I'm just so weak and pretty bad at hiding how I'm feeling. Idk. Like I said, it was an okay Christmas. I'm used to terrible Christmases with never ending drama and tears so it's a step up from that at least.

Bored now, so I made a way overdue picspam for another Buffy episode. It's not Christmas related at all but oh well, it's nearly over anyways. I actually haven't watched Buffy in a week or so which is not normal behavior, lol. My days feel so empty without it. I'm trying to catch up on so many shows right now though...Merlin, Dexter, House, Bones, etc. And then I got the Charmed boxset so I still have 4 more seasons to watch of that. I just don't have enough of a no life. 

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