Dec. 2nd, 2009

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Hi! For whoever is reading this that is not on my friends list, I'm Bree and this is MY journal. I open up my picspams to the public because I want to share them with the fandom and hopefully strike up discussions with fellow BTVS fans. My commentary is my opinion and I am definitely entitled to it. Everyone has their own interpretation of the show and I realize not everyone may agree with what I have to say. I'm more than okay with that but what I am not okay with is comments that have a rude and condescending tone to them. I love debating over difference of opinion because often times I will learn from different perspectives and be given something to think about. Once again, totally okay with this. So if you are going to question my opinion or fight me on it at least have a reason as to why you are or provide a decent argument. This applies to everyone, I'm not pointing fingers at anyone in particular. I just felt like it needed to be said. Thank you.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest I have another picspam :D for the episode Revelations in season 3.

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so you tripped and fell on his lips? )

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