Aug. 26th, 2009

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 Just making a quick update before I go to bed. I've been terribly busy with school and tennis season starting up so I apologize for being a lackluster friend on here. I tried to catch up on most of your journals today but I may have missed a few and I apologize.

Things have been rather hectic lately. I have to start applying to college in less than a month and not only am I under qualified but I'm completely unprepared. I wish I would have thought about this more. Honestly, I'll most likely end up at a junior college. I'm okay with that but it burns me out to a degree. This is my fault, I know it, I'm hoping at least one college will give me a shot. Maybe I will win them over with my personal statement? Maybe not.

Boys boys boys. One is too old [24 isn't that old but I'm 17], one decides to try and invite himself back into my life after not contacting me for two months, and one is new and very peculiar. I don't want a relationship right now but we'll see where everything goes. As for guy number two, he can invite himself back in all he wants, it doesn't mean I will LET him back in. He lost my trust and interest a while ago and that's not something I just hand out like a free sample.

I'm so tired and my body is aching from tennis today. I'll try and update this more often :/

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