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I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Mine was bittersweet. I'm on questionable terms with my mother and I'm still not feeling well. Being with the rest of my family is always a good thing though. I also received some really nice gifts including the Charmed boxset I wanted (I'm still drooling), two Angel After the Fall comic books, giftcards, these really nice leather gloves, and some cash I can finally open up a checking account with. I hope my family didn't think I was ungrateful when I opened my presents because I am extremely grateful. I'm just so weak and pretty bad at hiding how I'm feeling. Idk. Like I said, it was an okay Christmas. I'm used to terrible Christmases with never ending drama and tears so it's a step up from that at least.

Bored now, so I made a way overdue picspam for another Buffy episode. It's not Christmas related at all but oh well, it's nearly over anyways. I actually haven't watched Buffy in a week or so which is not normal behavior, lol. My days feel so empty without it. I'm trying to catch up on so many shows right now though...Merlin, Dexter, House, Bones, etc. And then I got the Charmed boxset so I still have 4 more seasons to watch of that. I just don't have enough of a no life. 

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I'm not going to lie, I didn't care for this episode. Faith and the Mayor are my second least favorite villains. I didn't find their sudden father/daughter like relationship touching or even interesting at all. I will say that this episode was pretty for season 3 and I enjoyed coloring the caps and playing around with the lighting. I tried to make this picspam about what I did like in the episode so it's a little shorter than usual.

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What was with Buffy's hair? It looks so dry and lifeless and blah. Actually it was like this for a few episodes in season 3. I thought her mid-season 4 hair was the worst but now I'm starting to think it's better than this at least. Okay, I focus too much on little things. Sorry. So there is a special place in my heart for fight scenes with lovers working together. Buffy may not find it romantic or exciting but I do.

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Joyce is my favorite tv parent after Keith on Veronica Mars. Some people hated her up to season 5 but I thought it was perfect how grounded she was. Buffy needed that. If she had a floozy parent constantly in her life like her father, I think she would have been a completely different person. I've said it before on previous picspams but Joyce and Buffy scenes make me tear up no matter how insignificant like this.

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BUFFY: That's where they make Gileses.
How cute is Buffy for that quote, seriously? Even if her hair isn't. I really need to lay off on the hair comments but invest in some conditioner girl, sheesh. I love Cordy and how she always finds a way to put Xander in his place. This is season 3 so I'm still in my "I hate Xander" stage of the show. Oz is such a sport for putting up with his douche ass. I know it takes two to tango but Willow sincerely apologized and felt terrible about cheating on Oz. I just didn't the same sort of response from Xander. So what if Cordy was a bitch to him, HE DESERVED IT. And he should have been keeping his mouth shut instead of firing back insults. You're so lucky for all the redemption your character got later, Xander, so lucky!

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Ohh Wes. Remember how procedural and by the books he was? Lovely little moment when Buffy told Giles she got into Northwestern and the sense of pride that is pictured beautifully. Ugh, do something with your hair Buff..please? It's still bothering me. She looks sickly.

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lol, it's been so long since I re-watched this episode that I kind of forgot what I wanted to say about these scenes. Faith kills some dude, Buffy is spying, and the Mayor is all "do not touch my box of edible spiders k thanx."

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Poor Wesley. I really did feel bad for him. Yeah, he was a pest on Buffy but he was just trying to follow protocol. I love the gang's not amused faces they shoot his way.

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CORDELIA: And once again, the gold medal in the Being Wrong event goes to Xander "I'm as stupid as I look" Harris. Read 'em and weep, creep. USC, Colorado State, Duke, and Columbia.
OWNED, XANDER. That's all I have to say. 

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Another Buffy/Angel fighting together scene♥ They act like an old married couple in this episode and it's so cute. Always the damsel, Willow.

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Okay, no more siding with Wesley. Oz's reaction was perfect and sooo Oz. Buffy looks like she is going to chuck a watcher's guide at Wesley's head. You don't mess with the Scoobies.

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And so the seed of doubt is planted in Angel's gigantic head as well as Buffy's. This episode is called Choices. Everyone is given something to think about. I hate the Mayor but he is right in this scene. Question: is Faith only looking back because of her knife in the wall or is it partially because she misses the gang. Willow kind of gave her a lot to think about and she may act all badass but underneath it all Faith wants to belong somewhere.

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I got lazy so I combined the last four scenes together. Told you this would be short. Will is all sorts of awesome by the end of this episode and I adore how happy she made Buffy when she revealed her college choice. I love Cordelia but I don't feel bad that her dad went bankrupt and god forbid she has to contribute to society now. I understand being a rich bitch has been all she has ever known but I can't feel sympathetic towards her situation. Oh god that last Buffy/Angel graveyard scene is definitely the calm before the storm. AND AGAIN WITH THE HAIR BUFFY, GET IT TOGETHER >:|

Overall: It's pretty low ranked and forgettable to me. It had it's moments but very few. I hope this review didn't read like such a downer. I'm kind of in a shitty mood right now. Thank you for putting up with it if you read through all this or even if you just looked through the pictures.
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