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I can't believe it's almost Christmas and that I'm 18 wtf when did that happen? Thank you once again everyone for the birthday wishes and the little gifts. You're all amazing! Finals this week and then I'm free. I need to ace most of my finals to pull off a B in a few classes though. That kind of blows. I wish I could buckle down and focus but instead I use my time making Buffy picspams and then watching Buffy and then ordering Buffy books (I bought three off the b&n site) . OH HI ADDICTION :/ I need to get out of the house more...

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Family is a lovely episode that I didn't enjoy as much upon first watching.This is mainly because I wasn't a big Tara fan and while I still prefer Oz, I do have a new appreciation for Tara. I think she is a sweet and underrated character who used to just give me secondhand embarrassment but now I find her rather endearing. Also, after seeing the Buffy reunion I really love Amber Benson. Still let me be clear, Willow/Oz>Willow/Tara.

Disclaimer: Everything in the commentary is my opinion and you do not have to agree with me. I rag on Riley a lot because I do not like him at all. That's fine if you are a fan but respect the fact that I'm not and this is my journal so I will say whatever I feel about him. Thank you :)

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KITTY FANTASTICO :3 Was this the last time we saw her? I forget. She gets mentioned in season 7 but I don't remember her past this. I mean it that difficult to throw a cat into a couple scenes for continuancy sake? Willow is so precious in this scene and I love how comfortably this played out.

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This storyline was so damn confusing. Whenever someone new gets to season 5 the first thing they ask me is "WHAT? BUFFY HAS A SISTER? WHEN? OH WAIT...SHE'S NOT HER SISTER? HUH?" I myself didn't understand it for a while but I think I have a good handle on it now and I can easily sit down and explain it to someone. Except the "it's Summers' blood" part, I still don't have a freaking clue about that. Anyways, I'm so glad Buffy confided in Giles. This scene was really hard to color but I think it is beautiful in black and white.

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Example of something that used to make me have secondhand embarrassment but now I realize how cute it was. Not to mention relatable. How many times have you said a joke in a room full of people that only makes sense to you and a select few? I know I have and on countless occasions. It was nice how tightly knit everyone was in this scene. The Scoobies, original and extended, really did become a little family in season 5. I'll admit, I smiled at Xander and Riley goofing around.

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DEAR BABY JESUS. KILL IT WITH FIREEEE. I usually don't get scared by stuff on Buffy but this mothafucka freaked me out. LOOK AT THE TONGUE AND THE NOISE HE MADE WITH IT *shivers* It's very clown looking too and I have coulrophobia.

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Anya is such a doll about her job and when she tells Giles she only wants to do the money part because everything else is boring you can't help but go "ohh Anya."

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My only beef with this dream sequence is it's just fighting. I know Spike gets off on that but THIS IS A SEASON 5 DREAM SEQUENCE, SPUFFY WAS BUT A PRAYER AT THIS TIME AND YOU COULDN'T GIVE US A GRATUITOUS MAKEOUT SCENE, WRITERS? COME ON NOW. It was still hot. My favorite part is where she's punching the crap out of him and he presses down on her thighs so she slides down his body. HOT.

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Sup Amy Adams. Now this was just a downright awkward reunion. Tara's brother makes Tara look like a social fairy. I loved how happy Willow looked because she thought this reuniting was a good thing. Little did she know.

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Oh look it's my favorite taser toting douche being once again, a douche. "I'll come running."??? Seriously. Does anyone else see how he turns a situation around to look like the white knight when underneath it all lies a douche (I don't have a better word for him, if you do please interject)? I DO. I didn't understand his reasoning at all in this scene. Yeah Buffy went a little cray cray with Dawn but that's her sister and he should have no say in the matter. They weren't married. And then him getting all butthurt when she shoots down his Initiative suggestion. CRY MOAR RILEY. Did I ever say how much I appreciate the lack of him in this episode? Well I'm saying it now.

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I combined these three scenes because they aren't all that interesting and because I can ;) Tara casts a spell so no one will be able to see her demon side and Riley gets hit on by a vamp. You're heart belongs to another huh? Apparently your arm didn't in a few episodes later. Douche. The vampire chick, I think her name was Sandy, was really pretty. Obviously she wouldn't be talking to mr. snorefest here if she wasn't a vamp.

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Is 4 caps of Spike doing nothing really necessary? Absolutely. Spike was at his peak of hotness in seasons 5 and 6 so I will be abusing him in picspams during those seasons. You can really tell how confused he is as to whether he wants to be there to help out or watch Buffy die. Of course he tells Harmony the latter but I don't think he meant it.

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Psh but Buffy can handle invisible people. Let's flash back to season 1 shall we? Come on Buff, use those heightened senses. I didn't realize Buffy couldn't see Spike or hear him because of the spell. DUH BREE. So I was always like "wow, rood Buffy" when she walks right past Spike. And people tell me re-watching is a waste of time. Ha.

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"We're family."
oic. That explains the title, yes? lol just kidding. Is it sad I wanted Tara's dad to try to take her by force just so we could see Buffy take out an older man? And maybe get some of that hair pulling action from Dawn too? This was really touching and even though Spike clearly states he doesn't give a damn I include him in the family especially as the season goes on.

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And here we have Spike being the voice of reason as well as the demonstrator of it and remaining cute while doing so. Tara's smile at the end is so lovely and you can tell she really is happy. She has Willow and now she actually feels like she has friends. What more could the girl want?

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We end with the party scene and Willow and Tara slow dancing in the air. It makes me wonder how no one around them noticed two girls levitating. Then again, this is Buffy we're talking about.

Overall: I really like and appreciate this episode. Not enough to make my favorites but it deserves a re-watch every now and then and it's a perfect feel-good episode. There's not much action or drama which can be nice for a change. So if you're just looking for something to make you smile and gently laugh to this would be it.
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