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Four more days until my birthday. Whoopee. I just want this year to be over with, I've had enough of you 2009. Do you hear me? We're finished. It's not me it's YOU.

Yet another picspam, lol I don't even care if people stop reading them because they keep me amused. But if you're still with me for the long haul I really appreciate it :D This is also an episode that people may not be too fond of so I'm expecting zero readers anyways. My stupid random Buffy episode picker has once again given me a Riley centered episode. At least I can tolerate him in the beginning of season 4 which this takes place in.

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Okay so The Initiative is honestly an episode I forgot about. I mean I distinctly remember some parts such as the Willow and Spike scene and Xander and Harmony girl fighting but other than that my mind slipped on this one. I'm glad I re-watched it because there are some cute moments and quotes within this episode.

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lol way to be dysfunctional, Buff. See, I like this Riley! I liked how he found Buffy peculiar and almost laughed at the fact of ever going out with her. When I first watched season 4 I thought he was just going to be the older professor's pet dude that would occasionally help out with a Scooby case or something. Sadly my prediction was nowhere near what actually happened.

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Why is Spike so cartoony looking in season 4? He didn't look that way in season 2 or for his one episode in season 3. He's just too pale and his hair is all yellowy. Does he go in for spray tans in the later seasons or what? Whatever, he's still studly ;)

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I'm loving the Giles and Xander time in this episode. The way they interact together is simply golden.

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I wonder how many empty threats against Buffy Spike has put out into the universe. And vice versa. I should count them one of these days and if you're thinking "wow, this girl seriously has no life" well all I have to say to that is DUH. Spike looks somewhat better here. Better enough that I didn't need to desaturate him.

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BUFFY: You know, for someone who teaches human behavior, you might try showing some.
WALSH: It's not my job to coddle my students.
BUFFY: You're right. A human being in pain has nothing to do with your job.

This is one of those moments where I can identify with Buffy because I have told off a person of authority before like this. I like this because not only does Buffy get props for standing up for Willow but she actually made Professor Walsh feel stupid and you could read the feeling on her face. I hate how college professors often times are portrayed like this, cold and harsh. They think that's the way to expose their students to reality when in fact showing a little compassion or at least have the respect to keep your mouth shut regarding something you don't know about can affect the person more, in a good and grounded way. People in authority like this tend to forget they are indeed human.

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Okay here's his one shining moment, I'll give him that. Riley could have stood there and ignored Parker's comment. It's not like he knew Buffy all that well but he stood up for her and I can respect that. God I hate this episode...I'm actually saying good things about Riley. IS THIS REAL LIFE?

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Spike looks more attractive in vamp face in this episode. That can't be right. I loved how Riley and Spike had almost identical lines about "seeing a girl." Different intentions for that girl, of course.

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Riley enlists Willow's help because he's far too boring and unimaginative to come up with a way of winning over Buffy himself. Look, he had his good moment in my eyes and now I get to go back to tearing him apart. Can we take a moment to address his hair please? Is he trying to be Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World or what? I like how Willow gives him subtle information on Buffy.

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XANDER: Every man faces this moment. Here. Now. Watching. Waiting For an unseen enemy that has no face. Nerve endings screaming in silence. Never knowing which thought might be your last.
GILES: Oh, shut up.

lol, thank you Giles. I think this is how most people feel about Xander. He talks entirely too much so Giles said it for us. SHUT UP, XANDER. I told you the interaction between these two is great.

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Hello secondhand embarrassment. Riley comes off as such a "doof" here and I am in love with Buffy's expression towards his effort to hit on her. It's cute how Willow helps him out in secret.

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Speaking of people who need to shut up...I'm sorry but I cannot stand Harmony. She reminds me of the majority of the girls at my high school who fill me with rage on a daily basis. This is why I didn't include any of the Spike/Harmony scenes. To see him go from Dru to her, ugh DOWNGRADE. I know he was just using her but still! Anyways, despite my disliking her I laugh like crazy from the little cat fight that goes on here between Xander and Harmony.

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Attempt #2 to woo the Buffster and once again he crashes and burns. This time it wasn't exactly his fault but it still warms my cold cold heart whenever Riley gets the brush off. Riley does earn another gold star in my book for turning off the song for Willow. Ugh that's it! I mean it! I refuse to praise his name anymore.

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OH LOOK IT'S DOUCHEBAG HEADQUARTERS. The Initiative looks like the inside of Costco to me

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lol at there being two Rosenbergs. Cause that's SUCH a common last name XD Red is definitely Spike's color.

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RILEY: Are you drunk?
BUFFY: Yes! Go and report me.

This exchange is hilarious. Riley comes off as such a creeper here and rofl at Buffy's face in the last shot. I'm falling back into terrible commentary mode again, aren't I? Actually did I ever really achieve not so terrible commentary?...didn't think so.

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Willow and Spike always manage to have these twisted yet adorable scenes. He attempts killing her and when he can't for later revealed reasons she doesn't run away. She sits there and tries to talk to him about it. Not the brightest decision but it can be forgiven considering her head isn't exactly in the clear right now.

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YOUR HAIR LOOKS SEXY PUSHED BACK. Oh wait no it doesn't, this is Riley we're talking about. And here it is revealed that Spike cannot harm a human because he has a chip in his head. RIP badass Spike. Just kidding, he never stopped being a badass in my mind.

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Buffy looks really pretty here, well even more than she already is. I hate when shows do this, they did it on Veronica Mars too where they try to pair up characters based on a little phrase or word or whatever and pass it off as having a connection with the person. So they both called each other peculiar, so? There's only so many words that can replace "weird" without sounding mean. I'm gonna shut up now because I could go off on my anti Riley/Buffy speech all day.

Overall: Cute moments but nothing too special here and definitely not a favorite.
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