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Ello, I'm gonna try something new. So I found this randomnizer thing and mixed up all the Buffy episodes and I've decided to watch them based on that. Now after each episode I'm going to do a little picspam with commentary on here. I just need something to take my mind off of stuff and this will take up some time so yeah. If you're not a Buffy fan feel free to skim over these entries or if you're curious take a gander and you might find yourself thinking "hey, I should watch this show!" ;) I don't have any conditions regarding the caps, if you want to make icons from them then do what you please. All I did was clean them up a bit and resize them so I really don't care.

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First of all any episode where Riley leaves...okay wait where I intended on taking that is not true. Basically, Riley is the worst character ever in the Buffyverse. I am convinced. Yes, he is worse than Dawn and Connor, combined even. Why you may ask? I think just by watching this episode your question can be answered. This is strictly my opinion and you are free to disagree with me but you aren't going to change my view of him so you might as well just let it be.

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Hello opening scene. I honestly thought this would be the scene in which Joyce died. As soon as Buffy found out she was going to be fine I was waiting for the crash cart to come bursting through the doors or for Buffy to wake up from a dream. Obviously I was not aware that the Body had a much more tragic death waiting for everyone but let's not get into that. I definitely felt like this scene would not be the end of it all. It seemed too easy. And this is Joss and many other writers who equally share in the pleasure of tearing their viewers apart that we're talking about, easy doesn't exist in their world.

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Ohh Anya what would anyone ever do without the comic relief you provide? Dawn makes this scene pretty awkward especially with the term "boink."

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This is my picspam/recap, do you honestly think I'd include a Buffy/Riley sex scene in it? So I give you pretty Buffy resting her head on cardboard ;)

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I don't find smoking attractive at all. But when it comes to Spike UNF. I'm justified because Spike is dead therefore the smoke does nothing to his lungs (which he doesn't even need to use) and this makes smoking harmless. In this case only! So anyway here we have Riley being a sneaky douche and running off to get his kicks elsewhere. Too bad Spike is creeping in the shadows and looking mighty fine while doing so.

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"Come on, wigs are fun. We can get you a whole bunch of different ones. You know, you can be, like, Sixties Mom, Action Mom...French Maid Mom..."
Buffy and Joyce scenes make me cry even when they aren't necessarily emotionally heavy. I love the relationship they have and how her mom can see that things just aren't right with Riley.

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Is this moment filled to the brim with sexual tension or what? It's probably the most intimate setting the two of them have ever been in up until this point. I always wondered why Buffy didn't send him outside while she put some clothes on. And why is she naked in the first place? Riley wasn't there, was he? Maybe Buff just likes to sleep in the buff. Another unsolved mystery.

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GOTCHA. Is it sad that I laughed when Riley said "harder"? I kind of wish Buffy would have slugged Riley before she ran off but oh well. That is what he wanted I suppose. Poor Spike doesn't understand Buffy AT ALL at this point.

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Anya: 'I dislike that Anya. She's newly human and strangely literal.'
Willow: Anya, I don't say that. No one says that. No one talks that way.
This scene cracks me up and then Buffy storms in and breaks up the laughs with her "bitch just crossed me" face. I love how the Scoobies automatically detect something is wrong, they just know.

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Okay miss pyro, why couldn't you take that aggression out on Riley? I just like the Giles and Buffy moment in this scene. Their eyes can reveal so much. And look, fireeee pretty ;)

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Favorite scene in the episode, hands down. And *gasp* it includes Riley! Rileys finds out for sure that Spike has a thing for Buffy and he reacts to it differently than I originally thought he would. Spike also makes a very good statement regarding Buff, "she needs a little monster in her man." This is true whether or not Riley can accept that.

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Too much Riley in this scene and the caps are hard to color so I think one with his back towards the camera will do. Riley gives Buffy the douchiest thing ever, an ultimatum. Basically he spins this around to make it look like she is the one at fault and the relationship relies on her word. Bullshit. Coward move. I do love when he's all "HIT MEH BUFFY" and she walks away. PWNED.

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This scene was the defining moment where you can see that Buffy can take care of herself now. On her own. She doesn't need a guy to hold her stake for her or the Scoobies to be right around the corner backing her up. She can take on a circle of vamps like they're nothing and especially when she is pissed off. Why brown leather pants though? Why?

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"If he's not the guy, if what he needs from you just isn't there, let him go. Break his heart, and make it a clean break. But if you really think you can love this guy ... I'm talking scary, messy, no-emotions-barred need ... if you're ready for that ... then think about what you're about to lose."
Another thing that pisses me off about Riley is how Buffy really did love him. Maybe she didn't completely let him in but she did open her heart to him. I mean they had been together what? A year or so. Did he expect them to be 100% vulnerable with each other that early in a relationship? Buffy has trust issues and this should not be news to him. Xander makes a good point but I think it has more to do with his relationship with Anya than it does for Buffy and Riley. Once again, just my opinion.

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Good riddance, buddy. One thing I have to say about this show is it balances the depressing with the uplifting. As Buffy and Riley's relationship disintegrates, Xander and Anya's gets stronger.

Overall: Decent filler episode. Too much of a focus on Riley for me to consider it a great one. A+ ending though
Rating: 6/10

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